And So The Story Begins…

Running a business as a full-time new mum is a big challenge. After being part of this journey, I completely admire mums who decide to pursue their dreams and accept the fact they don’t have to follow the nine to five lifestyle if they have an idea they are passionate about turning into a successful business.

When my daughter was four months old, I decided to launch a business so I wouldn’t have to go back to work full-time after my maternity leave ended and only spend an hour each workday evening watching my little girl grow up. My husband and I both worked full-time in advertising, but my husband was also a successful artist and as he had worked hard growing his client base in recent years, we decided it was time to change the course of our lives and prepare for our family’s future. After months of planning and prepping while learning the ropes and succombing to the challenges of parenthood, we quit our jobs to follow our passion. It certainly was no walk in the park, but we managed to grow a global business while being blessed with the opportunity to see our daughter grow up into a beautiful, kind and confident little girl that she is today. It’s been an unbelievable journey, and one I’d certainly recommend to other mums, but it most definitely isn’t for the timid.

Other entrepreneurs will understand that we sometimes catch a glimpse at old times before we started our business or had kids and genuinely wonder how we used to spend our days. The fact that time is still a factor that even non-business owners describe as their reason for not pursuing opportunities completely baffles me now, as I juggle a 20-hour day (on a good day)  with a mixed timetable of mum and boss duties. But, I just wouldn’t have it any other way. I have always invested time into creative outputs, so being able to channel my energy connecting my responsibilities while having the opportunity to learn and grow with our business… the experience is something I will never look back on.

The site quickly grew from 20 artists to over 500 and the freedom other business owners had to grow the business at their own pace had diminished. But, watching our business grow as we enter new markets, and not forgetting that feeling when we sell artwork for our talented artists is just amazing. It was more than we could ever dream of.

There’s certainly no looking back now, so I hope you’ll join me as I progress on this journey with my business.

If you have any thoughts or experience you’d like to share, please feel free to add your comment. I’d love to hear from you!